We are a bunch of sky enthusiasts.

We are professional in our flying skills and ‘always amateur’ in our sportive spirit.

Even though our ages, personalities and stories are different, the one thing that brings us together and holds us tight is our love for flying and aviation.

We have trained hundreds of pilots of all ages, without losing our excitement on the first day we started flying. Not only did we teach the pilots we trained to fly, we also tried to instill in them the ‘philosophy of sport’.

At Fly Anatolia, ‘Safety, Quality, Performance’ is our priority, inseparably and in the order in which it was written. These three principles are also Fly Anatolia’s philosophy of aviation.

Fly Anatolia Flight School is the product of such a passion for sky.

Fly Anatolia Flight School is the school that introduced the concept of “Paragliding Flight Tour” to Turkey with its flight tours to Tekirdağ, Bolu, Pamukkale, Adapazarı, Fethiye and Bursa, it has succeeded in endearing aviation to hundreds of people.

We are based in Istanbul, but upon request, we provide international license and certified paragliding training courses all over Turkey. In addition, we fly sky enthusiasts who cannot find time to do paragliding individually, with our experienced pilots in many parts of Turkey, especially in Istanbul, Tekirdağ, Adapazarı and Fethiye.

Together with our professional team of THK (Turkish Aeronautical Association), USHGA (The United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) and APPI (Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors) licensed instructors and tandem pilots, we carry out training and tandem flight activities with certified flight equipment that is renewed every year.

We welcome sky lovers to the Fly Anatolia family.

Remember, you are as free as you dare !!
Istanbul Paragliding School
Fly Anatolia Paragliding School