Adapazari - Serdivan Paragliding

Serdivan Kırantepe, which takes its name from the region where it is located in paragliding Adapazarı is the central district of Sakarya. Sakarya is a region that attracts attention because it is close to Istanbul and provides a wonderful visuality with its green landscapes. What you need to watch this unique beauty from the sky is a little courage and an experienced tandem paragliding pilot.

Imagine taking off from the take-off runway in our region, which is famous for its hot air currents, which we call the thermal rising from the ground… It is a completely different feeling to watch Sapanca Lake and Adapazarı City from hight, we are waiting for you to this indescribable nature beauties.

It is a flight area that always attracts attention and is in demand because it is 113 km away from Istanbul, easily accessible and very close to the center of paragliding Adapazari. The height of the take-off runway is 220 meters and the only way to have a pleasant and long flight in this flight zone is the wind blowing at least 14 km in the North or slightly north-east predominantly.

In suitable meteorological conditions, you and your pilot can go on a pleasant sky journey that will take about 15-20 minutes. If the wind is at the desired level, the maximum altitude is about 1000 meters (altitude conditions may vary).

Serdivan Paragliding
Serdivan Paragliding

How can we go to Adapazarı Serdivan?

We pick our valued guests from the hotel at the time we will determine (depends on meteorological conditions) with our shuttle bus and take them to Adapazarı Serdivan, which is the region where we will fly. The journey will take approximately 2 hours, then we complete our preparations in the flight zone and carry out our flights. The we return to Istanbul and drop you back to the hotel.

Included in Adapazarı – Serdivan Flight tour:

  • Round trip by shuttle bus to training and flight zones
  • Hill and mountain ascent transfers
  • Personal accident insurance

Not included:

  • Video with GoPro camera
  • 2nd flight
  • Eating and drinking