Turkey is a country that allows this sport to be practiced for 12 months due to its natural beauties and meteorological conditions being suitable for paragliding.

Turkey is very popular for being a place of historical and touristic importance in the world, it has enabled the development of sports in our country in terms of the suitability of geographical and meteorological conditions for paragliding, paragliding is quite convenient here. Turkey allows 12 months of single flight training and tandem paragliding flights, you can combine paragliding training with a sea holiday in the summer period, and you can combine paragliding training and winter sports in the winter period and spend pleasant days here.

Where can I get training in Turkey?

Turkey’s reliable, prestigious and award-winning (2020 Turkey’s Best Paragliding School Award) Fly Anatolia Flight School does this sport in atmosphere of discipline and entertainment with the APPI license, which you will receive from us at the end of the course, APPI license is popular in the world. You are very close to being crowned and become an internationally licensed pilot.

istanbul paragliding course
istanbul paragliding course

Paragliding Licensed Training Program


Theoretical Training:

Fly Anatolia flight school covers about 10 hours of theoretical training in the Internet environment (zoom) or classroom environment. The course is given in English, then the student takes a written exam in English on the APPI online exam system.

In the implementation phase of the training, at least 1 or 2 full days of ground training is carried out on flat land, the ground training area is Maltepe Beach on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Ground training can also be planned in different regions if the weather conditions are not suitable for Maltepe beach.

Flight training:

Depending on the weather conditions, our flight training area is Marmara region Çorlu, Tekirdağ, Bursa or Pamukkale in Denizli. The responsible instructor makes the decision of the flight area as a result of meteorological conditions.

Flight Schedule:

On the Video-assisted theoretical lessons in the classroom environment of the Fly Anatolia flight school and then ground training (on the coast of Istanbul Maltepe or in Çorlu.

On the ground training and sloping terrain run are done all day on the sloping land (Depending on the weather conditions, Maltepe, Corlu or Pamukkale). It is done under the supervision of two instructors and radio controlled.

On the 7-10 sorties are made from hills between 45-70 meters under the supervision of 2 instructors and under radio control.

On the 200-350 for the trainees who are ready for the altitude flight a maximum of 2 sorties are made from the hills between meters and meters.

Number of sorties to be made in APPI P2 Explore training

Number of low-peak flights; 7 sorties (between 45-70 meters)

Number of High Altitude flights: 3 sorties (between 200-350 meters)

Appi 2 Explore Paragliding - 1250 Euro

Included in the course:

  • All flight equipment
  • Personal accident insurance

Not included in the course:

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation to the flight area
  • Eating and drinking
  • Hill and Mountain ascent transfers
  • APPI licensing membership fee (27 EUR)

Note: In Alternative 1 training option, course activities are planned for a maximum of 5 days.